Thursday, 15 March 2012

World Changing Wonders

Bookworks with Printmaking class.

The concept behind this class is to create a book and a set of prints that depict a 'World Changing Wonder'. I decided to go down the root of Oil the reason being is due to the idea of it running out and disputes been created over it. As its such a broad area and there is a lot to do with oil I thought I could make some good prints. 

The above images are of piece I cut out of card and then exposed onto a screen to print. The only problem   was the exposure time, this can be seen in the top image. I don't think this is a major problem, I almost think it adds to the over all design. The reason for printing onto jeans was to link back to workmen that work with pumping oil out of the ground, perhaps next I could print onto a suit maybe with a different illustration. Old pair of jeans with paint marks suggests how grimy the job is. 

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