Sunday, 23 October 2011

Final Playing Cards

Here are the final 6 playing cards. All include 3 different print processes either mono, dry point, wooden block and lino. Inspired by Paul Klee. 

All mono prints were created by using my left hand, the reason for using this was to gain the style of Klee's work. Not only did it work but it looks really effective in this style.

The Letters and Numbers were either cut out of wooden block or lino, I wanted the type to look crisp and have a contrast of imagery that looks sketchy. 

The circle double print: The small circle symbol was created using dry point, I found it very hard to line up the circles to print neatly together. However each colour the plate had to be cleaned then ink applied to then over print. This took along time to get right however as the playing card '3' looked good over printed I decided to go with that. It also made the playing card look more the way I wanted it to, similar style to the way I drew with my left hand to create the portraits. 

As the main symbols were mono printed, I decided to discard the middle circle '3' as it didn't suit the style of the other playing cards. Also it was on a different paper stock and looked out of place, so going with the cream paper - the playing cards looked more of a set. 

After the inks had dried I then worked back into the portraits using water colours, this again was to gain the style of Paul Klee. Before adding water colours to the final cards I practiced on trail portraits to see how much water to add to the colours to gain a bleeding colour look, after a few attempts this is what I produced for the final hand in. 

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