Monday, 14 March 2011

subject to change

(Bear Productions)
So here it is.......The kitchen utensils double page spread. Sorry I didn't include a dashed line to indicate the fold line.
I feel it needs a back ground, the white is far over powering. It almost needs a stain or light shade of colour, the white doesn't look right. Some of the layout I can see needs changing about but this gives the group an idea. I think the proportions need to be correcting, however a lot of negative space could occur, over the next couple of days I shall play around with the layout and sizing of equipment.

Would appreciate some feed back where it needs improving, thanks guys.


  1. Chester, these are really good. Its great you managed to get a face of some sort on every thing.
    I agree with the white background being over powering, but remember the paper we are printing on is like a creamy off-white colour, so it might look ok. If not I'm sure we can easily add in a background colour or shade of some sort. The negative space I don't really feel is much of a problem, as Dave said on that first day, kids do like a bit of blank space as it helps them to see the shapes easier and pick out the colours.
    I don't know about the others, but I can't see an awful lot that needs changing. I think you've done really well. x

  2. Thanks for looking Gemma, I did a text print on the pinkish colour card with texture, I don't think it will work due to the bleeding of the ink. I shall show you on Wednesday, We may have to go with a different type of paper so the ink doesn't bleed.
    Other than that I need the Grown up to go on here, then its done. I might change the layout around later and make the page numbers actual numbers. I feel the page numbers are too big at the moment.

  3. You have done a fab job, I dont think anything needs to be changed because as Gemma said, it will be on an off white colour paper so it souldnt look too stark, will print it up on thursday and see what it looks like, but im sure it will be fine. Thanks so much.